Friday, 27 June 2014

The rains came.

At last, it started to rain yesterday evening, whilst the "ladies" sat in the conservatory drinking wine and eating nibbles - I had a glass of Proseco and was merry, after the second ...............
The limitations brought on by not drinking very often, to build up a tolerance level!
A "cheap date" I was told recently, although I hope that that actually referred to the fact that I ate very little for lunch, and drank tonic water.
I was certainly very "proper" (a word used to describe me this week - strange), so it must have been a reference to the bill.
Anyway, the air feels fresh and the garden looks good for the watering.

I had a lazy day yesterday, waiting for a couple of visitors and watching tennis in the main.
I did clean the windows downstairs
I'd had a call from Muriel, a very elderly friend, asking me to visit her as she was back "home", staying with her son - I did that at tea-time, collected a couple of dozen eggs from the farm for todays baking marathon for the church open weekend, then put out glasses and laid up for the ladies wine.

I have numerous big bites on my upper arms and legs - mosquito repellent didn't work.
I must cover up to mow the lawns.
I'm sure I say that every time and then decide that I'll be alright.
To the kitchen!  

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