Thursday, 19 June 2014

Blow me.

Another self indulgent couple of days - perhaps I'm getting the idea of retirement at last or perhaps it's because the sun's shining.
Yesterday I visited a couple of friends in the morning, taking them cake - ensures a warm welcome!
Iw was lunchtime by the time I was home again, so I ate a piece of cake, before changing into old clothes and getting on with the garden.
I hacked/pruned away for a few hours to trim the pyracantha on the garage and house, the wisteria, ivy and odd bits of honeysuckle.
I weeded the area by the back door, then since it was only 7.30pm, I mowed the lawns around the house.
This was a bad idea as the hedges were full of biting insects and the first circuit is under the hedges - I'm bitten all over, to go with the scratches from the pyracantha.

This morning I did another couple of hours in the garden before showering and going to the hairdressers - half of Shustoke in there (well, two anyway)
Hair looks great so I'm reluctant to get under the hedges again as I'm meeting a friend for coffee in the morning.

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