Thursday, 27 May 2010

holidays are here again.

Last night we had a power cut, so no blog.
I was just looking at the Telegraph on line - an article about Venus Williams, wearing a black lace outfit & flesh coloured pants for the French Open (tennis).
As I couldn't move on I looked at the blogs, which ranged from bigoted to hilarious, the best being "I don't mind what she wears as long as her d... doesn't hang out"
"The Junior Apprentice" was just starting - about the only programme worth watching - when the lights went out.
G put on a headlamp & read - this was rather spooky in itself, I eventually opted for a soak in the bath & radio 4.
It was off until after 11.0pm, by which time I & finish was in bed, reading with a torch.

I've taken my fungus-infected big toe to the doctors & had my BP taken (130/90)
The fungus is being identified before treatment starts.
We've cleaned the dining room after G's repair of the ceiling in the bay, the laundry, after the new boiler & before decorating & put the washing out.
G has gone to see J & G & will stay over & meet me at P & A's in the morning.
I can't decide whether to go out or stay here.
"60 Minute Makeover" is on - they paint over the wallpaper, borders & all with shitty coloured paint & glue the skirting boards on
I'd sue.
The pheasants are in the field along with six babies, well camouflaged - the joys of spring - photos to follow.
Brilliant day, despite having a cold.
I think I'll take the lotus out for a spin to M&S.
The volvo cost nearly £400 - new starter motor & cable to battery!


Anonymous said...

Was it the high tension lead ?

Anonymous said...

It certainly was, especially when he gave me the bill.

Anonymous said...

Whose blogs have you been reading??

William said...

£400 seems cheap complared with what I would expect so don't complain too much.