Thursday, 13 May 2010

P's race for life today

There were c1200 present raising c£80,000. Unbelievably typically only 2/3 of the money pledged gets remitted to the Charity - disgrace!
5km round Connon Park, Edgbaston. Apparently anything under 30 mins is considered good.
P & Kelly jogged round in the crush in about 45 mins. There were some still on the course when I left 1hr 30+. My guess is that 2/3 of those attending didn't even break into a fast walk though some were sweating to walk. Too fat, to unfit or just too lazy. Proves the stats about fat folk though. Lots of poor gaits, poor posture and
Well organised - there was one last night as well and there are 3 in Sutton Coldfield in
Apparently Cancer Research Uk is the biggest charity anywhere . Absolute measure!
These runs raise in excess of £60M p.a.
Well done P.

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Anonymous said...

Well done P - you look as though you enjoyed it - I'll see if I can manage 2 miles, in secret.