Tuesday, 11 May 2010

An historic day, apparently.

Well, it's been all go today in Downing street whilst the rest of the world have been at work.
The Queen's had a busy evening seeing Gordon off & appointing David Cameron. The Brown's left Downing street as a family, the first time that the two sons have appeared in public.
Nick will be deputy PM with four other Lib Dems in the cabinet.
I doubt that many people even know four other Lib Dems at the moment - Vince Cable & who?
I hope that it all goes well.

An historic day at school as year 11 take exam leave on Friday, meaning that I had the last two lessons with my maths class today. I made a large cake, decorated with chocolate numbers, to celebrate at the end of the second lesson, after working hard until the last five minutes.
Some of them remained difficult to the end; they did appreciate the cake & say that they had been well taught.
I couldn't believe how relieved I felt as they left.
I just hope that they come to revision sessions & get some C grades.
I planned to collect some Christian Aid envelopes when I got home but it started to rain at that precise moment, so I changed my mind, sat down & had a cup of tea & a crumpet.
There was an parcel from W & MK with a lovely black merino top as a Mothering Sunday gift - celebrated last Sunday in CPH.
I'm very pleased with it.
I seem to have slept for most of the evening since dinner, at least I stayed awake all day at school.
More cold weather promised - ne'er cast a clout.........

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