Monday, 17 May 2010

Up, up & away.

That should have been my title on Thursday, Ascension Day, but I was staying at JR's until Friday afternoon.
I did catch up by preaching on it on Sunday at Nether Whitacre & spent a good few hours on both Sat & Sun collecting Christian Aid envelopes.
The weather was good, Sunday was lovely so after lunch spent watching the Grand Prix, then a nap, because we were sitting down & had been awake for more than an hour, we did some gardening then went to collect the final envelopes in Back Lane & then walked across the cinder path to Whitacre.
There were two reasons; to visit Mary & Maurice & to check the route as we have 6 months of pre-paid tokens for the Telegraph, which must be collected daily, somewhere.
When you get to the far side of the railway' a stones throw from M7 M's, you have to walk through the wood behind Station road as far as the iron bridge, then back along Station road.
We walked back along the road, over Little Hampton Bridge (funny name, that), cutting a good half mile off the distance.
We got home by 9.15pm, to cook dinner. I settled for an M&S shepherds pie that I had intended for G & JR on Wednesday, but did make a rhubarb crumble to follow.

School today. Non uniform, off-timetable day. I volunteered to man a "naughties" room.
Mug or what.
G had forgotten to collect the paper so I popped up to Coleshill with the token before Kristian arrived for a "Chemistry hour".
Dinner is in the oven, G's in the garage, all's well with the world.


William said...

At some point I cycled from Manchester to Shustoke and got to the railway bridge in Whitacre to find it closed. I couldn't face going to Furnace end so I managed to get myself and my bike around and over the railway line behind their house. Where there's a will, there's a way...

Anonymous said...

Should that be "W"?
The fences are awesome - I don't think that you'd manage that today.