Monday, 10 May 2010

Bye bye Gordon.

We seem to be auctioning off the role of PM.
The Conservatives have upped their bid for the Lib Dems by adding a referendum on voting reform, Gordon has asked the Labour party to find a new leader (never once using the word "resign") as Nick declared weeks ago that he could not work with Gordon.
Still, lots of options & no clue as to what will happen.
A number of senior Labour politicians have stated that Labour lost badly in the election & should stand down - I agree with them.
At least that would get rid of Mandelson, that unelected prig.
All we do know, according to Nick Robinson, is that we shall have a coalition government with Lib Dems in the cabinet & Gordon will hang on in Downing Street until September.
Call me bigoted, but I really don't like
1. Mandelson
2. Brown
3. Balls

We have hard times to come, whatever happens at Westminster.
At least we have kept our own currency.

Back in real life, we had a good weekend - a quiet Saturday then to Bicester on Sunday where I went to T's birthday bowling party whilst G went to J & G's to do some jobs & ride his bike.
School today, maths revision class then Chemistry tutoring at 6.00pm.
Last year 11 lessons tomorrow for me as they take exam leave on Friday.
I should be pleased, but they still have a lot to learn & most do nothing outside of lessons.
I've made them a cake.

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William said...


you're getting to sound rather right wing these days.

I don't think keeping the pound really made any difference to any of this and I am sure that it will all be rather different after another election in the autumn.