Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Today's adventure.

We arrived home last night after three days with JR, seeing the sights.
We visited Audley End House (NT) on Sunday afternoon to see the newly opened stables. Highlight of the visit was JR's use of a motorised wheel chair,; G & I walked either side as he admitted to not feeling totally in control, possibly due to his very poor vision.
We visited Southwold on Monday, warranting a photo in the Telegraph on Tuesday.
The highlight was the fresh fish & chips on the quay.
Yesterday we visited Haverill in the morning & Bury St Edmunds in the afternoon for JR to buy a sports jacket. We found an excellent gentlemans' outfitters in Bury who did JR proud, at great expense.

I am sitting on the new settee at B & E's, with T & KP, planning an adventure in Oxford.
We are catching the train at 10.30am, doing a little shopping, perhaps, before visiting the science museum & lunch - day planned by T.


Anonymous said...

Planned by T, but does he realise a little shopping may include M&S, with the associated difficulties of removing aged relatives from the safety of it's neatly arranged goods. Good luck Tim !

Anonymous said...

We didn't go in a single shop, only Pizzahut for lunch (+a snackshop)
We didn't even go into the shopping area, so not a sight of M&S.
We may return today, by request.
Train fare £2.30 return - bargain.
It may be Banbury, anywhere on a train!