Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Wet & chilly.

Well that was most of the day, by the time I left school at 5.00pm it was 21 degrees, then a pleasant evening.
G has a cold - he thought that it was something more serious yesterday, but seems to be just a man cold. Daniel grommets & a snot torrent would seem to be a possible cure, but I haven't suggested a home remedy, yet.
I've had a good day - 3 maths & 2 science lessons, followed by a year 9 revision class (GCSE maths exams start in year 9, even for the bottom set)
I did a bargain M&S food shop yesterday so we have just eaten some delicious fresh scampi with salad followed by chicken & bean casserole & the ubiquitous low calorie chocolate mousse.
We are watching "Coast" - the West coast of Scotland. It looks wonderful.
I had a very mature telephone conversation with T this evening, describing an experiment he had done at school & what he had "founded out".

One more day this week, during which I hope to get most of year 7 reports done - thankfully, a small class as it is the bottom set. Three sizeable paragraphs for each report:
-attitude to learning
-subject comment
-future actions
I am writing them out & shall put what I can on the computer, someone else can complete this task as I have insufficient time in school & will not stay beyond 5.00pm. So there!

Perhaps the summer will return tomorrow.

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