Friday, 11 June 2010

Friday, again.

We've had a lovely day with Thomas & Jessie, part time.
We walked Jessie to school & then on to the park where Thomas must have spent the best part of an hour on the swings, receiving instruction on how to swing, solo.
He's getting there.
We then pottered along the Stratford road whilst G went to Aldi, into M&S for a treat & pizza for lunch, then home. Gardening, lunch in the garden, trampolining, snoozing, mowing, etc.
Thomas woke G from his post-luncheon nap with his horn; G rose several inches from his seat!
I have a football cake to make for Thomas's birthday party on Sunday, can you believe that you can't buy a miniature set of goals & players in the midst of all this football mania?
Home & tired - it must be age-related, sit down/fall asleep.
The only answer is to keep on the go all day.
I wish to boast that I did all but 4 clues in the Telegraph crossword yesterday; I may have done more if I hadn't had a wrong answer, "language teacher" instead of "exchange teacher".
A long way to go to compete with aj though.

How about "The Junior Apprentice" finals?
Surely Tim deserved to win, having masterminded the final triumph.
Zoe was never in with a chance, Lord Sugar did point out the failings in her character some weeks ago. Would anyone ever want to work with that egotistical, self-centred, selfish little madam. So young as well. God knows what she'll be like when she reaches puberty.

Don't miss the ITV advertisement with David Gwalliams, Fabrio Capello & co.
Come on England!


Anonymous said...

You must be creative making a goal and green color for the sugar.. good luck ! new targets for grandma


Anonymous said...

groundhog day