Monday, 30 March 2015

Pandy Mill House

We arrived on Saturday afternoon - lovely , 4 bedroom house with a good size dining kitchen with table to sit at least a dozen.
W and the boys arrived in the evening, AJ the following afternoon and B and family arrived on Saturday evening just as W was leaving for the airport to collect MK (2 hours late due to her plane not being allowed to land in Florence)
By this morning we were all here and rearing to go.
Porridge for breakfast and then a walk in the sunshine (some) to see the waterfalls just across/along the road.
The Fairy Glen/ The Conwy Falls with a salmon leap are so beautiful.
Yesterday they were a rushing torrent, this morning, much quieter and lower.
Where had all the water gone?

After lunch, the families went to Betwys Coed to buy boots for the children ready for the Snowdon ascent, tomorrow.
AJ and I opted out, eventually staying in as the rain was impressive.
We prepared poached salmon and local organic sausages, served with a medley of vegetables, between us - alarming amount of food consumed by six adults and four hungry youngsters.

We've watched "University Challenge" and "Only Connect" to remind ourselves how limited our knowledge is.
Bed calls.
I'll try to post photos........

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