Thursday, 5 February 2015

Fighting fit.

Where did the last week go to?
Sat was spent mainly on church duties - writing a sermon then finishing off the spring clean of the vestry, warming up again, eating and bed.
Sunday was church x 2 then out to lunch at the Golf Club on the way to Balsall Common - 8/10.
Monday was coffee with Jan then Solihull to collect J and Th from school, tea etc and a quiz at The Griffin - came fifth, little thanks to me - all these rounds on topics I know nothing about.
It just highlights your ignorance, but the special beer, good company and free hot dogs helped  us all to enjoy the evening.
On Tuesday K and I walked Olwen's dog and collected litter - about a bin full, without venturing into Castle lane.
On Wed I went to Bicester for a sleepover - great to see the family - T even cooked and served the tea, so I was almost redundant.
Today I drove home, via Dorridge, where I had a facial and shopped in JS, and Knowle, where I pottered around a couple of charity shops and bought a large fossil bowl full of ammonites.
I came home for an hour then went to the doctors' for tests - an ECG and blood pressure, both perfect.
I can have my blood tests done there next week rather than have to drive to The George Eliot, because I am officially elderly!
The receptionist initially told me that I couldn't, which was good.

I am spending my first night in "The Winter Palace" - what was my bedroom as a teenager, latterly he study, and now with a new bed, electric blanket and pillows, is wonderfully warm and cosy, having a low ceiling and backing onto the bathroom wall which has a large , ever-hot radiator.
I shall sleep well tonight and enjoy the view across the field, in the morning.

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