Monday, 1 November 2010

What happened to the weekend?

With a real effort, I can remember the last few days.
On Friday G & I took Jessie & Thomas to the Ironbridge Museum.
We visited it last week with T & B & thought that the grandchildren would enjoy it as well.
They did, Jessie knew lots about the Victorians, G & I felt very much at home, & Thomas enjoyed looking at everyone & eating,

G went to the dive show at the NEC on Sat morning. I dropped him & then had a couple of hours shopping in Solihull before picking him up again.
We had friends for dinner in the evening, which lasted until after midnight, so the "Fall back" clocks change was a Godsend. Even so, we didn't get up until 10.00am - too late for church!
After a slow start we had a brunch (just a late breakfast, to be honest) then we caught up on jobs around the house & garden.
We went to Drayton Manor Park to the bonfire party at tea-time, had a potter around the Park, VIP seats with bar, for the fireworks & a nice supper in the Hamilton Suite.
A really nice evening, all in all.

We hve had a busy day doing "things".
My "things" included cleaning all of the inside glass along with lots of other dirty things.
G's included drains & gutters & cutting bits off defenceless plants. He provided a highlight by finding the scruumy chocolates that T & B had left for us, on their dressing table.
Shows the standard of housework around here.
J, G & family came at tea-time, on their way home from a weekend at DMP - three very tired little children who managed a few fairy cakes.

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William said...

I thought you may have just forgotten that you'd already been there...