Monday, 15 November 2010

Home again.

Sitting by a nice big fire, having just watched "Rebus" - "Resurrection Men".
We've read the book, which was a better experience; Rebus is well cast, though.
We have just spent two days at Marsh Gibbon, looking after Oscar & the twins whilst J & G went to a wedding. They were great fun, cheerful & well behaved all weekend.
We work on the principle of keeping them interested & active all day to ensure a good night's sleep.
We picked them up on Saturday lunchtime & went to lunch at The Bure Farm - recommended by T for fish fingers /chicken thingies. We went on to Waddesdon, noted for the dragon's cave & wonderful playground. Home for tea, bath, Ben 10 & bed.
They woke at 8.00am.
Yesterday we played, inside & out, in the morning, then to Funkey Monkey after lunch - two hours of frantic activity whilst Granny had a cup of coffee & Grandad pottered around the shop.
Home to tea, bath, Ben 10 & bed.
We woke them at 8.00am, to get O ready for nursery. Unfortunately, he had a bad cough, so we settled for a quiet morning of reading & playing.
Grandad was a star.
Cold & foggy today, so we left when J & G returned at lunchtime, visiting the garden centre to buy G's Christmas present - a trailer for the mower. Hopefully this will enable every last leaf to be collected with the minimum of effort on my part!

We are starting healthy eating tomorrow in the hope of shaping up before Christmas & giving up fattening foods before the government increases the tax on empty calories & fat.
Apparently, Denmark has already raised the tax on chocolate - perhaps this will rob them of their top position in the Happiness League.

The house is very quiet now that W, MK & family, & especially aj have gone home.
A day off tomorrow, perhaps, even, a lie-in.

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