Sunday, 7 November 2010

Back again.

What a hectic week.
We worked hard catching up on housework & tidying the garden on Monday & Tuesday.
G did some hedge-cutting & we cleared the yard of about a ton of acorns & leaves.
The leaves have been more than replaced since then.
I went to B & E,s on Tuesday evening, KP & I spent Wednesday having a lovely quiet day together, pottering.
On Wednesday we went to see JR. We took him out a couple of times, had a couple of home cooked lunches & suppers & did a bit of tidying up, all of which he enjoyed.
We came home on Friday evening to prepare for W, KP & family's arrival, on Saturday.
We had a low key bonfire party in the evening, joined by B, E, T & KP.
J & DK were wowed by the fireworks - their first bonfire night; T mainly wanted to see them better by use of a torch!
Today I took Morning Prayer at NW. P, A, J & T came for lunch then we went to the playground to work it all off. Everyone, bar me, managed the assault course, even DK did the lower bits.

We have just watched the last episode of "Downton Abbey".
A disappointing ending as none of the ends were tied up - can't wait for the next series.
As it's not a novel, you can't catch up or get one step ahead.

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