Wednesday, 10 November 2010


W, MK & family are the perfect house guests - they entertain us, help with the catering, go to bed early,get up early & have breakfast without us even hearing them.
Today J is having a day with Granny & Grandad.
We cleared leaves - J had the big green hands & made mountains of leaves & helped to fill the wheelbarrow.
We followed this with a bike ride to the reservoir to feed a multitude of ravenous ducks & geese, then home for lunch - bacon, sausage, egg & fried bread. All well deserved.
We have had a little rest, watching CBBC, G snoozing.
J & I are off to make a chocolate cake.

We had a lovely day in Bicester on Monday. E & KP took J, DK & me to "Funkey Monkeys", which they all loved, then back to B & E's for fish & chips.
Yesterday we had a day out at M&S. Bliss!

Tomorrow is forecast to be vile weatherwise.
We shall plan accordingly.
Today the weather is perfect, I can't really believe that it will change overnight.

Back to the mixing bowl!

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