Tuesday, 14 April 2015

One Starling.......q

Makes a heck of a mess when resident in church.
We found this out when we visited church on Wednesday - bird droppings everywhere, on everything.
Their removal took us nearly three hours on Saturday morning, with several buckets of soapy water and the vacuum.
Some flowers on the altar and all set to go again.
The bird is still there, in the bell tower, I guess, and visited the vestry, briefly.

On Sunday K and I did a car boot sale at Furnace End - on the field by 5.30am, finished by 1.30pm, largely due to a cold, vicious wind, having taken about £200.
K did most of the work as I had to leave to take the services at Sh and OW.
Parking at OW was limited/ on the field as it was "the Cavy Club"Meeting in the Parish Hall, next door.

We went to the Bull at Meriden for Sunday lunch - a little disappointing and very slow.
Home by 2.00pm to light a fire and sleep until tea time, then again for an hour before bed.

Walked to church this morning to vacuum crumbs, visited Jan on the way home who has been ill all week, then off to Solihull to collect J and Th from school, tea....
Home in time for a quick tea then up to The Griffin for the monthly quiz.
Didn't know the answers to any of the music questions!

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