Saturday, 11 April 2015

Crossword done.

Yesterday's quick one, to be honest- AJ  polishes it off before breakfast.
I finished it before breakfast the next day - brains seem to work better in the mornings!
"Bewilder" flummoxed me, I'm ashamed to say.
I have sharpened my wits by writing tomorrow's sermon - Easter 2, Doubting Thomas.
Why do we celebrate Christmas with much more gusto than Easter when we are "A Resurrection People", as Desmond Tutu puts it, so movingly?
Why don't we have an image if the Risen Christ alongside the cross?

Yesterday J and Th came to play - last day of the holiday and the first "Granny Day" since the eye operation as I couldn't get to Solihull without driving.
We walked to the playground for a workout, the village shop for calories and home for lunch.
Th helped mow some of the lawn - preparation for later as the mower is very heavy to handle, despite working better than ever.
The bins even empty as intended rather than needing to be lifted off.
J made some brilliant cupcakes - pink, chocolate, lemon and orange- we sampled them with tea at 4.00pm, cake forks, of course.

The lawn is mown and looks not too bad for the first mowing.
The field is being re-planned to reduce mowing, leaving the grass under the oak trees, one of which will house an amazing tree house before too long, I hope.
The contract has been signed!

"Antiques for Everyone" at the NEC, if time allows - the church needs a good clean to remove all traces of the bird that has been there, not too many traces of human usage, I must admit, but flowers needed!

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