Monday, 3 November 2014

Where to put fat balls?

I have squashed them in the past, so they will fit into a flat metal holder.
No longer.
Today I bought two cylindrical "fat ball holders" 1/3 off at Robert Dyas, whilst in there to buy rechargeable batteries for the badger camera.
Presently the wild birds cost about ten times as much as the chickens, to keep in food - woodpeckers and jays have good appetites, not to mention the odd squirrel.
The chickens like to sit under the car - don't know if they still sit there when I'm out in the car.

Played tennis this morning, took cakes to friends, home for coffee then off to Solihull to collect J and Th from school.
We went to JS to buy a few things for tomorrow's mass cook of cottage pies for Wed's lunch.
I baked cakes when I got home - lemon, coffee and chocolate - to be tarted up for Wed's lunch.
I have to make three trifles tomorrow, so that the desserts are done - the ovens will be full of cottage pies tomorrow.
A friend from church is making apple pies so we should have sufficient, all served with ice cream - not making custard for 65!

Nice warm bed with clean sheets awaits........... 

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