Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Bye bye HSBC

I have moved my accounts from HSBc after banking with them all of my life.
The final straw was realising that they were paying me the great rate of .0007% on my savings account.
The rest of the day was spent getting up after a lie in trying to finish Saturday's telegraph crossword, then visiting J and new baby Bethany for a cuddle for an hour or so whilst J caught up on some jobs.
Babies can be very tiring.

Yesterday I took two Remembrance Day services - Sh then OW - a great deal of preparation done for them as work has been done on the names on the memorials, I wanted to give a view of the lives of these individuals and how their loss affected their families and the community.
I think that they went well.
I then went out to lunch at the newly re-opened "Railway Inn" at NW - food was great but running very late and the room stark - walls and windows only!
Wet evening by a roaring fire.
I could have done with a fire tonight but was lazy, so I'm cold and have to make up the bed before I can retire.

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