Thursday, 13 November 2014

Seven shades of grey.

That's the number of carpet samples I have spread out on the "second bedroom" floor - decorated in Laura Ashley "Willow",  a soft pinkish shade of grey seems to fit the bill, but how many shades of grey are there?
I'm sure that I have the right one there, somewhere and will make a final choice tomorrow, in daylight.
The only thing left to do then, is to buy a double bed, to complete the transformation from study to "Winter Palace" - my bedroom for the winter months (the wallpaper in my present bedroom is Laura Ashley "Summer Palace")
Quite exciting really - the first time I have actually designed a room. - photos when it's completed.

I had a nice day in Kenilworth, having planned a day in the garden, tidying and moving logs, but finding the wind a bit too cold.
I visited Hearns, the carpet shop again, Coffee, a potter around then a visit to Waitrose before driving home in the dark.

I'm excited about the promised metamorphosis of "Ed" into a possible PM - is there a miracle worker out there?


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