Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Oxford Natural History Museum.

is brilliant!
W and MK were planning a visit to London to the Natural History Museum but decided that a London visit warranted a two day trip, so settled for Oxford, an easy drive away.
It is a beautiful, light building with wonderful architecture and a freshly restored glass roof.
Everything well presented and immaculate with enough dinosaurs/prehistoric monsters to impress anyone.
Add a dodo, the Alice in Wonderland connection and a host of large, hands on specimens, not to mention the adjoining Pitt Rivers Museum of man made artefacts and there's hours of pleasure to be had, all for free. (donation)
Even a café with real tea.

We went there this afternoon after a tootle around the town, through Christ church Meadows and lunch at an Organic restaurant in Friars Passage - excellent food  but surroundings  a bit grubby.

A great day but tiring - I had to retire early to the museum café for a sit down and a cup of tea.

I've just watched the second episode of "The Apprentice" - irritating, but necessary in order to enjoy "You're Fired" with Dara O'Briain afterwards.
What a lot of no hopers this year - at least, three have gone.
Steve and Sarah must go next!   


Anonymous said...

You should have come and seen us. C.Eng

Gill said...

we did think about it but caught up in rush hour traffic, heavy rain and J throwing up.
Do you want to visit tomorrow pm?