Monday, 30 August 2010

Well, the bankers are on holiday.

We had a quiet lie-in this morning, then went to P & A's to tidy the garden. It took a lot longer & a lot more energy than we anticipated, but we were pleased with the outcome.
Still more to be done.
We went to Nottcutts on the way home to plan the planting of the border once occupied by the cypressus. I favour a couple of trees with interesting foliage with gooseberry, red & blackcurrant bushes inbetween.
Any other suggestions?
We bought a selection of five shrubs for less than half price & have put them in the border at the top of the garden, which is now complete, with evergreen shrubs of different shades of green, all doing well.
The earth is amazingly dry, despite the rain of late. A thorough hosing was needed.
We plan another day in the garden tomorrow, weather permitting.
G is collecting P, A, J & T from the airport later, I shall go to bed!
On reflection, this doesn't seem to have been an exciting day, but we avoided the traffic jams & improved our surroundings.


Anonymous said...

Have woken this morning and noticed our beautifully tidy garden - thank you both SO much.
Thank you for the lift last night too - late night for all but the kiddies are still asleep so that's good - let the washing commence!!!
See you soon Pxx

Anonymous said...

A pleasure.
Glad you had a good holiday.