Sunday, 1 August 2010

Dragon's Den

We survived and so did they! More photos may follow.
They slept, ate, visited a fairy castle, hunted dragons (and found some dragon's poo to prove it!), played nicely with other kids, loved the playground, enchanted more than a few other visitors.
"Mummy & Daddy are away having a good time" (0, to a couple on a bench near our pic-nic))
All were knackered but happy and no issues.
Parents got a break and only texted 3 times and called once in 27 hours!
Good for a first time and they really were 'no trouble'.
Drove home, g had long soak and early bed on the agenda.
That was 2 days JR , 2days J&T, 2 days OS&H in last week!
Time for a rest.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely photos - glad you survived such a busy week of grandparenting! Px