Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Tuesday already.

We have had a really lazy couple of days - beautiful weather, so G has finished the garden hedges, I've managed a little light housework & four, yes four loads of washing & ironing.
That's pretty uninteresting, but relaxing.
I did almost complete the Telegraph crossword yesterday, today I can't even get started:
Capitol of Israel? Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or, even Jaffa, but not with 6 letters.
Obviously, I'm rubbish.
The PM's been in B'ham today, doing quite well apparently.
The banks have mainly published good results for the last six months, so perhaps things are on the mend. It would be good if they could find some cash to pay interest on accounts at some point so that depositors could benefit before the bosses!

Mastermind of masterminds is on. God they're clever. I bet they'd have no trouble with the crossword. (G's cooking dinner)

How about a comment on G's picture gallery following 10/10 as Grandad last week?

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