Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Home again again!

Aj & I have spent a week in the guest house in Ringstead, that is , staying with the Danish side of the family, W, MK, J & DK.
We had an enjoyable week with the family, including MK's family.
J was his usual "fast-forward" self DK, has grown a lot & tries to do everything that J does.
W is recovering from his slipped discs, with lots of exercises & little sitting-down , Mk supports them all & has just started a new career.
Busy all round.
We were met at Stanstead on Monday evening by G & JR.
Aj left this morning, after a relaxing day yesterday.
Thomas & Jessie came today; we had a great time playing, baking cakes & taking a nature walk across the fields, as far as Moat House Farm.
We hoped to find some calves, but they were all out in distant fields.
Tomorrow is to be spent in the garden, digging out tree roots & cutting hedges - could be another tiring day!

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