Sunday, 29 August 2010


A hectic few days.
On Thursday afternoon we took T & KP home. Car journeys with them involve non-stop talking, with KP piping up periodically that T must stop talking because it's her turn.
T's best question must have been "what will the next King be called?", following discussion about Eliz 1 & Robert Dudley when visiting Kenilworth.
Both T & KP fell asleep on the way but woke up when we visited J, G & family en route.
We changed at B & E's then went to dinner at Barston Golf Club to celebrate Mary & Maurice's emerald wedding anniversary (45 years)!
On Friday I shopped (for too long!), baked, cooked & we went to the Wheelers for dinner, always interesting & a gastronomic delight, sourced from their garden.
Whilst we were out J, G & family arrived, settled & ate.
We have had a hectic weekend with lots of games & eating.
They went to DMP for a tea-party today & have now gone home. We went blackberrying for an hour or so whilst they were out.
We are sitting quietly, watching gorillas on the TV & contemplating a light supper, if one of us can be bothered.....
I hope that you are all enjoying you long weekend & that the weather improves a little tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

What was the light supper the gorillas were contemplting?
I remember planting the cypress trees in 1980 they were a foot tall and I got them from Norman Richards. They certainly did the job of hiding the house next door!

Anonymous said...

Leaves for them, wine olives cheese & salad sort of thing, for us.
....And annoying them - we have had to take the tops out annually & suffer RD coming through his hole in the hedge to attack the backs of the trees when we go away.