Friday, 6 August 2010

Monkeys, apes &.....

Today was a Thomas & Jessie day
G was busy so we made up a pic-nic, leaving G's in the fridge & set off for Twycross zoo.
We timed things perfectly, arriving in time to see the sea-lions being fed, the penguin pool being swept, underwater (not a job I'd fancy), have our pic-nic in a little sunshine & potter around for 4 1/2 hours without a drop of rain, until we were on the way home.
The little train was a big hit; we went on it twice, as were the meercats, who put on a good show along with five small babies. Surprisingly, none of them wore smoking jackets or seemed inclined to lecture on their genealogy!

The zoo has been greatly improved since I was there last.
It has a vast reception/ restaurant/ shop area called "Himalaya", with a glass wall separating it from the snow leopard enclosure.
The s & w seemed superfluous, but better luck next time.
J & T were excellent company & we had a lovely day.
Home at 4.00pm for a nice cup of tea.

All is in order as aj & I are visiting W, MK & family next week.
I have a sermon to complete on Mary Sumner, two services on Sunday morning, then off to visit JR for a sleepover before flying from Stanstead on Monday.

One of the chimps at Twycross has hereditary alopecia (no hair) & looks disturbingly human.
Otherwise they have an amazing collection of primates - apes (no tails), monkeys (tails) & lemurs (pre-monkeys, only from Madagascar).
They are fascinating, but all rather smelly. I guess they think the same about us.

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