Wednesday, 1 September 2010


We spent yesterday slaving in the garden, to good effect, there is still more to do, though.
I gave up , showered & left for Bicester, in the lotus, at 5.00pm, so that I would be there this morning to spend a day with T & KP, J & Th before school tomorrow.
G brought J & Th over this morning.
I made a picnic, then we set off for Waddesdon, with T in the lotus, the rest in the volvo.
We spent a great day in the sunshine, back by 4.00pm for a nice cup of tea.
T & J had a disco, KP & Th sat on the garden seat & put the world to rights.
They were all delightful all day & really sweet with each other.
We were both home by 7.30pm, G arrived first & prepared a meal.
We are ready for bed - my alarm went off at midnight, T got in bed with me at 6.20am, for a chat.
A lie-in is on the cards for the morning - I hope that J & T have fantastic days at school, both in class 2.

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