Sunday, 3 October 2010

Wet, wet, wet, wet.....

I usually look at the weather forecast on the back page of the Telegraph as it's directly above the crossword, that I can't do.
I note that Birmingham & Copenhagen are similar for most of the summer, but at this time of year, maximum temperatures remain about the same, but minimum temperatures differ considerably: Saturday, B'ham 15, 12. Copenhagen, 13,7.
The cold, dark nights are on the way.
Yesterday was warm & sunny, we came home from The Harvest Supper at 10.00pm, still warm, no coats needed.Today it is down, & has been all morning.
The yard is flooded as are many of the local roads.
I'm wearing my tog 24 fleece & have put the heating on, despite G being in shirt sleeves.
There must be something wrong with him. Saying that, after his visit to the dentist yesterday, he had a night without painkillers & has slept peacefully in an armchair for an hour since I returned from church - he has missed a lot of sleep this week.
He is off on a liveaboard diving holiday on Friday, so needs a clean bill of health by then.

We were in Bicester yesterday & went to the NCT sale of baby/toddler goods.It is brilliantly organised & well supported. I bought a twin Maclaren buggy for £15. You can lift it without getting a hernia & it fits into the boot of a car without having it's wheels removed, making it significantly different from J & G's cross-country model.
We are reading the papers, with Antiques Roadshow on the TV. Will Reetone trainers really trim by posterior to a shapely size 8?
Even more worrying, the fat & sludge which Finish dishwasher tablets claim will pass through my dishwasher, really looks quite tasty - caramel with chunks.
I'd better do something worthwhile - ironing, a little light housework.......

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Anonymous said...

Is it not fashionable not to comment? (Double negative intended).

Anonymous said...

I usually look at the weather out of the window, I find it even more reliable than the telegraph, especially since I have just done the outside of the downstairs windows with the squeegee while it was raining,saves getting buckets of water and all that sort of thing.
The road was flooded because the storm drains were blocked and the ground so wet that the 20mph sign fell over.Hows that for excitement ? j

Anonymous said...

Still wet ?

Anonymous said...

1. No, no.
2. That's a first then, aj.
3. no.
Thank you for commenting.