Sunday, 10 October 2010


I am at aj's for a few days, to catch up on the gossip & to potter around York at leisure.
We pottered around York yesterday afternoon & again today, the main difference being that we had coffee in M&S today.
We slept well last night, despite aj's relaxed evening ( a two hour nap)
I went out of the front door earlier & slipped over on the mossy path, landing on my back with a foot twisted under me. It hasn't swollen but is rather sore & my knee is stiff.
My main concern is that I have a three hour drive to see JR on Tuesday so my right foot will be busy.
Any suggestions for a quick cure?
The weather has been good today, I had to remove my fleece & coat eventually. Apparently it reached 22 degrees down South. It may not last.
We hope to do Wetherby tomorrow.

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