Monday, 25 October 2010

The mystery of the grapes.

Back in business, as G explained so succinctly - all I know is that I couldn't sign in.
We had a lovely relaxed week with B & T, seeing places that we hadn't seen before, & having a list of "to visit later or again". G even took us to the restaurant in Kenilworth usually reserved for female business colleagues.
Ironbridge was really worth visiting & Coventry was much better than anticipated.
We did pop into the grounds of Bablake.
Aj came on Thursday evening to see T&B & stayed until this afternoon, so we have had a couple of shopping expeditions - a lot of chatting & not much buying.
Doesn't that sound like a perfect wife - out of the way for a while & cheap to run!
G has been on Primrose duty this weekend - they make a lovely couple!
Tomorrow we are visiting JR - a bit of sorting out to do & some tlc.
I have a stew cooking, ready to take, along with a dumpling kit & pudding.
A large pan of pears with lemon & cinnamon, is simmering next to them, ready for freezing.
A quiet eveninglined up, after I've done the ironing.
I'd better get on with it-drag myself away from a lovely log fire & the BBC news.

Strange article on Radio 4 about Facebook accounts contacting people from "the other side", when they have been left dormant when the person has died & the account left open as no-one else can close it.

All this fuss about children/teenagers picking spring onions.
haven't kids helped parents/earned pocket money like this for generations.
Surely it's mainly a problem if they should be in school at the time.
October half term was called "Potato picking week" when we were at school.
Social workers didn't remove all rural kids from their homes.

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