Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Who is Macduff anyway?

I covered top set year 9 English today, Macbeth, Act 111, scene 11.
Fortunately there was a revision guide buried under piles of paper on the desk & I managed to answer all of the questions, which was more than most of the class managed, despite studying Macbeth for weeks.
I know little of Acts 1 & 11.
Somehow I have three work experience visits to make, in Coleshill, Stechford & Bromford - I plan to leave school early one of the days (or perhaps two) when not teaching, to do these, but I doubt that I shall be in a "win" situation.
Lots of testing to be done for end of year levels, after reports have gone out, of course.
The tests that I have to impose on my bottom set year 7 is ridiculously hard & can only demoralise, after all of my raising of self esteem work - Last year's SATs tests, set for year 9!!
7 more days to go & all good fun.

The Queen has addressed the UN, the first time since 1957 - a plea for decency & tolerance.
A remarkable woman.

The Netherlands are through to the final of the world cup - a great couple of goals.
I'm still in with a chance of the school sweepstake with Germany.

Comments were not registering on my blog, but all is well now.
Have you looked at G's photos on the weekend blog?
The vicar from Galle really is tiny. He has sent me a long letter today, full of faith.
I must reply.


Anonymous said...

macduff was a scot with a penchant for getting carried away.

Anonymous said...

In the pile of unwanted books my parents have made me take from thier house, there is a 1980's Macbeth guide which i recall being very very useful to me (actually it has the book written in modern day english!!). If you want it, its yours.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the offer but I hope never to have to teach it again.
See you on Friday.