Monday, 5 July 2010

Happy Birthday Daniel.

Daniel is two today - how time flies.
W's photos show that he has had a good weekend of celebrations with lots of pressies & ice-cream.
What more do you need for a birthday?

Back to school today -a warm welcome from both staff & students; a great day with an "indie" concert in place of year 8 maths - loud music from a bunch of scruffy weirdos, but then what do I know?
Not the sort of music you hear on Radios 3 & 4.
I learnt that there are another 3 weeks to go, not 2 as I'd thought.
Never mind, an extra week's pay.
An Alms House Trustee meeting from 5.30 until 7.00pm, a little ironing whilst dinner cooked & I'm ready for bed - it needs sheets first!


Anonymous said...

testing, testing comments

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Anonymous said...

It's that time of year, nothing but tests!