Sunday, 25 July 2010

St James Day

Busy week.
G & I cleaned the church on Wednesday after school - G used the 20ft cobweb brush with a certain aplomb!
On Thursday we did jobs - I wrote my sermon, we cut the hedge opposite the conservatory, getting soaked before we finished, in a thunder storm, ironed & had a take-away.
On Friday I had a Thomas day - park, ducks & MacD, then on to Bicester to babysit T & KP & a sleepover.
We went to see J, G & family, then on to Oxford via the Park & Ride - I christened my bus pass, the driver thought that G was on his own, not a toy-boy, as he didn't have his.
Oxford was bright & sunny, we managed to take in some of the sights, despite the crowds in the shopping area.
Today I've done two services & had Marg & Phil, Maurice & Mary to lunch.
We had pork , with a good gravy followed by strawberry trifle.
We are watching vintage "Father Ted" - Mrs C with a bad back, shades of W, before bed.
Jessie tomorrow so we'll try some girlie things to do.

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