Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A "no-washing" day.

Today took me by surprise in that I went to bed feeling poorly last night, cold, with a headache.
I woke-up at hourly intervals from 3.40am onwards. Waking-up always requires a visit to the bathroom, which is a nuisance.
I didn't feel a great deal better this morning, so had a lie-in, followed by a long bath & a lazy day with little food.
I'm now recovered, having ventured out to Ventura Park at tea-time, with G trying out the two new wheels on the Lotus.* They went so well that we are having the other two to match!
I was seriously in the dog house for spending 54 minutes in M&S, (sale time) having agreed to meet after 30 minutes.
*refurbished wheels, due to damage done by pot-holes on the A38.


Anonymous said...

Some people are always late. Others always early.
I am in the latter catagory and have been married to three in the former.
Tell him it's not personal!
What is Ventura Park? I used to live in Ventura County

Anonymous said...

Never mind. Stick at it & you may find a punctual one!
Ventura Park is a shopping "mall" near Tamworth/Fazeley with the largest M&S in the Western hemisphere, having taken over the Woolworths shop next door.
It does have a large JS & a range of other shops which I never frequent (too many Tammies!)