Saturday, 5 March 2016

Lightning McQueen's little brother or what?

(This photo should be at the end.
It refuses to move so please use your imagination)

This is the latest family member, fostered not adopted I fear.
Lightning McQueens little brother or what!
After 14 years in a garage he started first time and purrs along, gently, as the brakes are.........
Some TLC including some bodywork on the rear wings and he may just have to stay.
This would have some knock on benefits; I have just sat in, roof off (this works independently of the rear screen).
Getting in, not too bad.
Getting out, horrific, not helped by rain and leather soled shoes, but the diet would have to work!
With the roof on I think that it would be a case of crawling.

Actually, I'm writing tomorrow's sermon, or rewriting, as it is at this stage, making it more accessible, fun and interesting than the first draft.
That's the theory, anyway.
Adding a few anecdotes about my mother to paint a picture - not a lot like Mary, apart from the love.
Perhaps Mary would have mistaken a scrap yard piled high with cars for a car park - "They're piling them in that Car Park" if she'd lived in the 20th century.
Perhaps she would have locked herself out of the house and gained entry by breaking a kitchen window, on a regular basis and always spent the last 15 min of any journey looking for her house keys, if they had needed to lock their doors in the year dot!

Sim bel cake made days ago, just needing the decoration, marzipan and 10 or 11 balls of marzipan to represent the apostles.
Should Judas be there or not?
Should we really be keeping it for Easter?
I think that it will go down really well with coffee at the end of the service, as usual.
(Why can't I write after the last photo?)

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