Monday, 14 March 2016

Another puncture!

Today I got a puncture, the third in as many weeks.
The first was in Wales, in a deep pothole, in the dark.
The new tyre was punctured within the week in Maxstoke, the wall slit in a very deep pothole.
Today, whilst driving carefully to avoid my newly valeted car getting dirty and to avoid potholes, I got another puncture.
The only good news was that the tyre was worn.
£300 on tyres in 3 weeks .
What on earth is our road tax spent on if not on making the roads fit to drive on?
I shall write to N Warks.

Having been into B'ham in the sunshine, after sorting out the tyre, we now have the roofing for the tree house (green Coroline, made from recycled tyres) and my bedroom dressing stool is at the upholsterers to be recovered in perple velvet.

I spent a couple of hours sorting things for the yard sale.
I rebound the following little gems in a box of China.
This one is W H Goss and is just 4cm high.

This one is Royal Doulton, a massive 7cm high, "the Falconer".

This clown has no marks, but looks interesting.
Anyone know what he is?

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