Sunday, 13 March 2016

Clean for the Queen.

This afternoon we collected 4 large bags of litter, a floor standing fan, a tyre and a sack from Castle Lane.
We are expecting the Queen any day now and would hate her to see the locality not at it's best.
Maxstoke cleaned their lanes last week.
The litter is mounting up again already from the passing traffic and those who stop to have lunch in a gateway, then leave their rubbish behind, having enjoyed the countryside.
A gateway along the road has the cannabis bags left by the youngsters who park up there, the ditches and gateways have the bags of compost from cannabis plants.
The compost is no problem once you've split and emptied the bags and removed them.

Could we have an island somewhere far off where these anti social folk can all be sent to live together.
Just a thought.

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