Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Cough, cough, cough.......

Having caught up with things at home, I've brought my cough over to Bicester for a few days.
We took part in the quiz at The Griffin on Monday evening, coming 5 out of 6, but only a few marks between all but the top and bottom scores, so, really, we did quite well.
Thanks O and D!
I made an appointment with Boots in Bicester for an eye test on Tuesday morning.
They were excellent.
My right eye that had a macular hole repaired last year is fine, but vision wavers, as to be expected with a duff spot.
My left eye has improved as long sight overtakes short sight.
I have yet to choose some frames and order new specs.

I pottered in the town then walked across the park to Bicester Village for coffee at Pret.
I treated myself to a pink handbag in Radley's sale and shower lotion at Molton Brown before collecting KP from school.

Bicester Village has little of appeal any more as all but designer shops are being driven out - no Musto, no North Face, Helly Hanson, Wedwood........
Further development is planned so, who knows.
My quote from the month came from the assistant in Belstaff , "Will you be paying in Korean dong(?) or pounds sterling, Sir?"

I've had a lazy day after a night of coughing and walking KP to school, avoiding the cold air.
I drove into town instead of the usual walk, bought ingredients for chicken, chorizo and bean casserole and ice cream sundaes for T and KP to make, lovely bread and buns from M&S, and home, within an hour.

Shall I buy the pink jeans from M&Co sale?
Home tomorrow via Banbury and, hopefully, an appointment at the doctors, on Friday

We watched Mon & Tues "Silent Witness" last night.

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