Monday, 10 August 2015

"Noble Peace"

Whilst looking to see if today was the anniversary of anything noteworthy (I'm sure it is), I found this horse as favourite somewhere and feel that I should place a bid after perhaps consulting my accountant!
I've forgotten where and when it's running, so will need to check it out.
So today's big event will be me placing a bet on a horse.

Yesterday was filled with big events - Mary Sumner celebration, founder of The Mothers' Union.
This was a Godsend as I could preach on this rather than John 6, again and many of the congregations have been/are MU members and enjoyed the reminiscences and update.
It was also much less demanding than preaching on John 6, again.

This was followed by baptising the most delightful twin babies at church no 3.
They behaved pretty well, as did the church full of "those who love them".
A really uplifting occasion.

Home before 2.00pm to relax then prepare dinner, J and C coming, roast pork with stuffing, apple sauce, broad beans, baby carrots, purple sprouting, cauliflower and new potatoes, followed by B&j's cookie dough ice cream with fresh nectarines and wholemeal shortbread.
I'll work it off today, in the garden.
We then watched "Fake or Fortune", to see a wheeler dealer lose his £100,000 punt on a dodgy Chagall.

I was up early to enjoy the morning sitting in the conservatory and sorting out the calendar.
I have been pestered by a small fly, circling just above the floor around my legs, like a rampant shark.
It has bitten me three times and I now have murderous intent.
I know that they are necessary in the cycle of decay but, do they have to bite ?
With all of the world to fly in why do they queue up to fly around the conservatory the moment the door is opened and then head bang on the roof?

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