Thursday, 27 August 2015

Fiat 126 for a wash and brush up!

A new family member, fostered rather than adopted as he will be on his way to the highest bidder after a good scrub behind the ears.
He arrived this morning and is really cute, really needing some TLC.
Hoping he will have a new home in a week or so, via my e bay account.

I'm then moving into bigger things with a vintage threshing machine for sale, to clear a space needed in a friends barn.

I see myself as connecting people with things that they want, but couldn't find.
Tomorrow, I see myself as mainly enjoying the delights of Lichfield - the Cathedral, Erasmus Darwin House and McDonalds lined up so far - with the grandchildren, before coming home to prepare an Italian meal together for the evening,  when B and E are coming to collect them.
Menus done, flags for decoration and the tree house decorated Italian style ready for aperatives - I hope they can manage the ladder before and after!
Lasagne and tiramisu to be constructed and the table laid before we go out.
Taking it in turn to be in charge.
Should be fun.

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