Wednesday, 3 December 2014

A chill in the air.........

................especially high on a bleak hill, in an old church with no heating on with doors open to allow admission of Christmas trees.
able to cope, though, with four layers of clothing including a thermal layer, cashmere polo neck sweater and down coat.
All of the 29 trees are sponsored - last one snapped up today - last one yet to be put in but no adequate stands left.
The nine trees in the East end/sanctuary and chancel, are all done, as well as three of the six window sill trees, and all look great.
Two more days there to get it all put together.
I was there from 9.45am until nearly 5.00pm today, with decorators in and out.
I decorated the trees either side of the altar - green with small boots for the Horticultural Society (their president came to admire it), silver with bells and streamers for The Wedding Barns.
I put deep red/purple balls on the Dugdale tomb and did two multicolour trees in the high windows of the South wall, one for a grandchild (with  Santas), the other for Shustoke Council (without santas!)

We went to Ventura Park for more lights, small rubber chickens (butchers) and toy tool sets to spray silver.
No success with the decorations so I may need to go to Solihull early tomorrow to repeat the search.
Church Council meeting tonight but I was knackered - even slept through "The Apprentice"!
Two more days to go for setting up and then open all weekend, with tea and Xmas cakes-  - still to make and a sermon to write.
Having a week off next week!


William said...

i really hope that the church is making a decent return on your time!

Anonymous said...

Of course.
Every extra body that comes into church over Xmas is a bonus and it all looks and feels wonderful for the services.