Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Home and twinkling!

The Christmas tree is officially lit up though not yet decorated.
A fun job for the evening!

Not well shown, but the joy of having the tree in the conservatory is that it has numerous reflections, a room full of light and trees wherever you look.
Red baubles and George Jensen this year - I usually buy just one new decoration each Christmas, but, having had a couple of years off, I bought three magnificent red baubles in Illums Bollighus (bargains  this near Xmas) and they all arrived home intact!

We had a great day yesterday, DK on bike in the park then on to the Outlet for a treat and session in the play area at McDonalds, check that school was still standing, abandoned, around the park then home for lunch.
W took us to the airport on his way to a meeting.
We people watched, pottered around the shops and finally had coffee and shared a scrummy cake before boarding at 17.30.
The price of refreshments at CPH always impresses me - £5 for coffee in a paper cup!
Don't go there hungry.

Good flight home, met by K who had everything in order and even cooked dinner whilst we sat by a big log fire.
Beat that!

Teall rough weather here this morning, P dropping J and Th off on the way to work.
They can put the Santas around and do Christmassy things.
Perhaps a little baking?

The nights are round and really red.
These are poor photos, especially the last one, but have forgotten how to delete!

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