Sunday, 20 December 2015

An angel over Ringsted!

I guess that she has come to check out the weather, which is very mild.
10 degrees yesterday and feeling even warmer today.
We pottered on Friday, then pottered with the family yesterday, ending the day with a roast goose dinner at T and B's
MK and the boys went for a ride in a horse and carriage through the forest to choose their Xmas tree, which was then towed the mile home on the wooden cart.
It is now in it's stand and discussions ensuring as to whether it has been pulled through dog poo.
We ave all sniffed in turn.
I declare it clean.
W can always smell dog poo.
AJ has the casting vote.
The decorating is proceeding, G Jensen making a statement!
Going out for a special lunch shortly.
Trying to organise goods outward as home tomorrow evening.

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