Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Home Alone.

W, MK, J and DK left on Tuesday afternoon so the house seems very quiet.
DK had two orange legs after his operation on Sat, replacing the red and blue versions the previous week.
He was such a brave, cheerful little soul, racing J around the yard in his wheelchair, J on the bike, always flat out whatever the form of transport.
The whole family are now out of the country.
Today I almost finished the washing then started a blitz on the house, neglected for a couple of weeks.
I did' even finish downstairs as I cleaned the windows, buffed up the silver (having found that it really doesn't need more than a good rub, if not too tarnished) and put the odd thing on e bay, as I went along.
Very little e bay activity this weekend.
Is it just my things or is it that everyone's on holiday.
I've put my lovely oak chest of drawers on, which necessitated moving it to stand by the stable door, for a better backdrop, then washing it down.

Just had a bath and now in bed so I shouldn't be using this at all.
Some photos too post when I can find them.

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