Saturday, 4 July 2015

Come on Andy!

Busy watching Wimbledon.
Does Andy have to have a crisis in every third set?

No blogging as ran out of time - three days in Bicester to pick up T and KP, followed by an open weekend in church, staying open whilst The Griffin (opposite) had its annual Beer Festival.
Lots of baking, two days in church serving teas to very nice, but not too many people.
Up at 4.00am last Monday to drive to Richmond to stay with P and N whilst visiting Wimbledon. AJ and I had seats on Court1 on Monday and saw three very good matches (I did sleep through one set, due to the early morning)
Back to Richmond by 9.00pm for dinner with N (P away)
We pottered around Richmond and Kingston on Tuesday and We'd morning, before I drove home, in time for an Alms Houses Trustee meeting with the residents.
Don't believe that all Alms Houses are occupied by dear old ladies.

Thursday was spent preparing for Friday, The Charles Hanson Valuation
Loads of great food, up really early to clean the kitchen in OW Hall and set up, tables scrubbed and floral table cloths all round........
Charles was ill so another director came in his place, about 15 people came, several did not have coffee or refreshments, so no money taken from them.
The takings of £26.70 didn't even cover the cost of the hall, but we did have a good time and I took cake to friends and neighbours in the afternoon.
Today I caught up on housework, mainly cobwebs and flies built up over the last couple of weeks.
K glazed the greenhouse, which looks great.
This afternoon I prepared tomorrow's sermon (Mark 6, 1 - 13) with the TV on mute.
Shame about James Ward and Heather.
Didn't they do well!

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William said...

don't waste time on that again then :(