Sunday, 4 January 2015


on Tuesday, but celebrated today so we've spent this afternoon undressing and removing the 30 Christmas trees from church. - a few cwt of needles to sweep/vacuum up tomorrow, then all done.
As well as marking the end of Christmas, Epiphany marks the arrival of the Magi/wise men to visit the baby Jesus.
Reading the story (from Matthew's Gospel) you will find that the number of Magi is not given and was assumed to be three as there were three gifts, it is widely believed that there were more, possibly up to a dozen.
The family was "in a house", not a stable, and Jesus was probably aged two by the time the Magi arrived.
Gifts would have been given but those noted were to prophecy Jesus's future - gold for a King, Frankincense for a priest and myrrh foretelling His death.

Life still seems hectic - church at Shustoke, taking the service at NW, home for coffee and a bacon sandwich then back to remove the trees.
J and Th tomorrow - their last day of freedom - another frosty day on the cards.

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