Tuesday, 10 November 2015


I've just woken up in a very warm bedroom, which means that I'm not at home.
I'm on a week's "grannying duty" in Bicester, which is always a treat.
T is now at secondary school and so quite self sufficient although he does pop in for a chat and a snuggle before getting up.
K P's aim is always to beat him to it, this morning she has failed, still asleep.
Yesterday I took KP to school and then roamed the streets of Bicester until lunchtime, coming home laden with goodies to convert into "children in Need" costumes/sell on/ turn into an Egyptian costume for KP.
CinN almost done - a netted ball gown (£1) is now a "Superheroes Cape"!
Any ideas for the Egyptian?

A lazy day today, may even catch "Bargain Hunt"!
I'll probably walk into town for the exercise, no housework to do!

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