Thursday, 15 October 2015

Coffee and cake

A great way to spend a morning with friends.
This morning we had coffee cake, baked cheesecake and small, freshly baked scones with cream and jam to accompany the chat.

I collected the Volvo from Witton, cured!
Apparently the sunroof wasn't closed correctly hence the water in the foot wells.
This has got into "the electrics", causing the problem.
Fine and a joy to drive, again.
I delivered spare cake to absent friends, then it was dark.

I spent yesterday gardening, tidying and planting - mini daffodils on the rockery and pansies in the borders.
I swept the yard ......again, whilst being bombarded with acorns.
Another bumper year.
I have to keep having a look to appreciate them before they disappear under leaves again.

Some e baying to do tomorrow (free listing this week) then Solihull then J and Th school pick up, tea, etc".
Must find time and flexibility to do my toe nails, after the holiday.
No mean "feat" after a day gardening!

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